Who is Goddard and Tyne?

We are a registered charity organisation, based out of Sydney Australia & working predominantly in Papua New Guinea.
The charity's founder Harold Van Haltren spends a good deal of his time between the front line in PNG, where the need for effective programs that actually make a difference is greatest, and in Australia, where he works with his team to coordinate delivery of the resources and services which support Goddard and Tyne's programs.

What are Goddard and Tyne's primary objectives?

Like any organisation that plans to succeed in its endeavours, Goddard and Tyne works behind the scenes to make sure the business of giving is sound in its business practices, and that it provides a stable platform which the people of PNG can rely on for years to come.

Goddard and Tyne is creating a legacy for the people of PNG

The purpose of Goddard and Tyne is to facilitate the development of a sustainable enterprise sector, to develop economic infrastructure and foster micro-economic development, through the supply of assets, including but not limited to machinery, vehicles, vessels and boats, tools and equipment to lands, ports, islands, villages, tribes, clans and customary land holders of Papua New Guinea. Goddard and Tyne will also provide a range of financial, developmental and networking support services for appropriate existing and emerging economic enterprises, as well as providing research, advocacy and policy support services.

To achieve this level of stability Goddard and Tyne maintains the following strategic business objectives:

a. Fund and support early-stage enterprises for economic innovation through grants, low interest micro lending, cash and securities; b. Develop and use skills, knowledge and attitudes that support current and future enterprises;
c. Create models and initiatives to test and deliver best practice in enterprise development;
d. Develop and implement idea generation, planning, start-up and growth of enterprises;
e. Provide training and related services including plant, machinery, motor vehicles and equipment to develop projects and infra structure;
f. Develop communications and network capability;
g. Provide platforms for knowledge exchange and collective learning to grow enterprise;
h. Develop a range of income streams over time to support the work of the Company;
i. Develop financial models/mechanisms to generate and broker investment for enterprises for small and medium scale businesses;
j. Influence the practices of current and future investors within and external to the company;
k. Undertake and/or support research to increase knowledge and contribute to policy;
l. Shape public and organisational policies that foster social innovation;
m. Design construct and manage infrastructure and capacity through partnerships and alliances

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.
Henry Ford.