Goddard & Tyne Initiatives

Where are we working?

The focus of our operations is in some of the most remote and hard to reach rural and regional areas of PNG. These areas include not only the highland provinces but also the isolated island groups to the east of New Guinea such as the Trobriand Islands, Bougainville Island and New Ireland. These rugged and beautiful regions face daily challenges with gaining ready access to basic services and much needed social development programs.

The Maternal Health and Care (MHC) Program for Papua New Guinea

One of the major issues facing PNG is the very high Maternal Death Rate. Goddard & Tyne are taking direct, efficient action in this area, delivering valuable medical services, education and supplies to remote coastal areas.

Engine Donation to encourage development of mechanical skills amongst locals

Goddard and Tyne has donated a 4 stroke Detroit V8 Diesel engine for the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Madang, Papua New Guinea.

The Metal Bucket
Program in
Papua New

Access to sustainable quantities of fresh water is another project that has been identified as critical to the welfare of rural communities.

The true value of Goddard and Tyne's programs

The true value of the success in our programs can be seen when we are no longer needed.

There is no greater satisfaction than seeing a community solve their own issues. Wouldn't you agree? This unique approach to align our continued efforts with those of the government to help PNG people make the most of their amazing country sets Goddard and Tyne apart.

By making sure that our efforts are properly aligned we can be sure that the support developed for Goddard and Tyne reaches the people it needs to in a timely fashion. It's all about results for the people who need those results today and tomorrow.

Your support is vital to our success in the field where it matters.
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